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Life as I see it

by Sarah

18 August
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I'm Sarah. I'm a 23-year-old college graduate with a degree in music education. I play the clarinet, violin, flute, and saxophone. I sing too. I LOVE WLiiA and pretty much anything involving the cast members. My friends are amazing...and so is most of my family. I'm a bookworm -- I can never have enough books. :) I write WLiiA fanfiction, hence why I joined WLiiA Love. My pairings are...

OTPs - Jonathan/Jeff, Greg/Jeff, Greg/Josie.

Other pairs I like but aren't OTP - Ryan/Colin, John/Tony, Ryan/Josie, Tony/Richard. And of course, I do like my OFCs quite a bit.

Banners I've gotten from WLiiA Love!
^^ Smut war -- I wrote a little Brad/Greg smutlet called Roadside.

My music *points down*

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